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Factory MES Analytics is a highly visual, out-of-the box set of applications that deliver manufacturing metrics to accelerate analysis, decisions and actions. With rapid multi-dimensional and cross-functional analysis capabilities, Factory MES Analytics provides drill-down intelligence into key performance indicators (KPIs) and root causes through pre-built dashboards and reports. Factory MES Analytics is pre-configured with manufacturing metrics such as OEE and cost-per-unit at the run, line, product and site level.

This high degree of granularity equips manufacturers to identify variability patterns and prioritize improvement initiatives. When combined with theFactory MES Performance and Factory MES Improve, Factory MES Analytics turns analysis into action and closes the loop between opportunity and shop floor execution. Armed with real-time, actionable information, operators, supervisors and executives can quickly and decisively improve service levels, reduce overtime and product costs, and unlock hidden capacity.


  • Manufacturing performance metrics
  • Immediate online inquiries
  • Drill down and ‘slice & dice’ data analysis tools
  • Monitors best/worst and average performance at a run/line/SKU level
  • Pre-built analysis templates on a variety of focal areas including: mass balance, capacity opportunities, labor rfficiency, rejects and waste, downtime, changeovers & start ups, cost-per-unit and OEE.


Identify Top Priority Productivity Trends

Monitor spot performance and trends quickly and easily based on shifts, crews, individuals, materials, equipment, production lines, products, packaging and more. Use drill-down and what-if capabilities to deliver intelligence on costly manufacturing root causes, production constraints and unprofitable products.

Enhance Manufacturing Performance

Identify opportunities to improve production performance, product innovation, food safety and bottlenecks throughout the factory supply chain.

Analyze & Report

Monitor product cost relative to targets to support overall cost and profit analysis. Packaged dashboards and manufacturing metrics support operational excellence initiatives.

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