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VMB Automation

VMB Automation is a reputable organization in the field of design and realization of hardware and software for control techniques. Our clients are active in the maritime sector, onshore and offshore sectors, oil and gas and the agro-food sector

VMB Automation was founded in 2001 by Arie Verhoeven. The goal was and still is the development and construction of complete machine controls. The company has grown over the years to its current size and will grow further in the next few years. VMB Automation is currently located in Hendrik Ido Ambacht and in Barneveld. In 2012 a brand new durable building was built in Hendrik Ido Ambacht. The company is charactized by a no-nonsense culture and thus distinguishes itself from larger parties in the market. In particular the complete solution in Automation, nowadays called Smart Industries appeals to our customers.

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VMB Automation

VMB Automation

Control Systems

With control systems we provide complete control techniques. This means that we can realize the engineering, software development, building panels, installation and commisioning.
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Information Technology

With MES (Manufacturing Execution System) your production process runs like a well oiled machine. MES is our information system for monitoring and controlling production processes on an ongoing basis. MES is indispensable in the production of top quality products. It is a good reason to contact us for further information.
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In this business unit we develop custom made electronics and sell standard controllers and solutions called Syel. Are you looking for a complete solution for any application? Based on your wishes we build a complete electronics solution, if desired under your company name. This gives you your own product and appearance.
An additional advantage is that your application software is secured. As a result, your competitors will not grasp your technology. We are able to build your own module based controller at acceptable costs. And because we do everything in house, we can beat all your challenges! We regularly perform complete development strategies with and for our clients to market new products. Please enquire about the possibilities!
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With Flextech you get the best specialists in industrial automation. Are you looking for flexible specialists? Flextech makes its own staff available. Specialists who can make the difference
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